mic check 1,2,1,2…

Hi, this is me.

I don’t fancy myself an expert in any one particular area, but I thought I’d capture a few of my passions and experiences in one spot right here. A quick introduction: I am hyper-organized, but I can still be pretty messy (I almost always have a pile of laundry calling my name). Since I am a mother of 3 kiddos (each 1.5 – 2 years apart) I tend to get asked, “how do you do it?” To which I almost always reply, “I’m not quite sure I’m doing it.” Whatever “it” may be. I love listening to podcasts and have a listening club to dish and discuss them just like a book club. I’m a strong advocate for reducing waste and minimizing my impact on this earth. I hardly consider myself “granola” but I’d say I’m more “granola-adjacent.” I mean, I don’t buy organic everything (especially not bananas). I have a loving and supportive husband that drives a plug-in hybrid car, therefore making him granola-adjacent too.   

Why Clarke Corbett? I always imagined having a son and naming him Clarke. Well, I have two sons – neither of whom are named Clarke. I also have a daughter – her name is definitely not Clarke. So, this blog is affectionally my fourth baby, Clarke Corbett. 

So there, that’s a bit about me. 

these are my peeps.