A passion for the arts steered me through my undergraduate degree, which focused on community program development for youth to express themselves through theater, art, dance and music. I spent the first few years out of college writing grants, coordinating after-school programs and lobbying for youth on both a state and national level.

My love for music introduced me to the DJ world, and my background in program development was enlisted to help open the doors of Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles – the first franchise of the New York school that was founded by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. Wearing many different hats, I laid out marketing plans, managed the day-to-day operations of the school and sought out business development opportunities. With a pool of DJs available, developing a strong events business for the company was a natural extension.

I went on to expand the business to booking DJs for high profile events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, X-Games and the Coachella Music Festival. With a strong network of clients, I began working independently as a business development consultant, creating brand experiences and activations surrounding music and DJing. I created a niche market of pairing DJ talent with brands, leading influencer programs for such companies as Hewlett-Packard and Skullcandy.

My work within the DJ community made me a natural fit within the Board of Directors of Camp Spin Off, the only overnight DJ camp for 13-17 year olds. My background in community organizing and experience in the DJ world came full-circle when I was asked to take on the Executive Director role for the camp for four years.

With the utmost faith, I answered the call to take a leap into joining a team that works to redefine the high school experience, accepting a role at Orange Lutheran High School. Utilizing my background in development and marketing, I work to raise funds for the faith-based school.

Fun Fact: I made it to base camp of Mount Everest.


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